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2004-05-16: A bug in Calc It Converter involving the convertion between Celsius to Fahrenheit was reported. The bug was fixed and a new version, 2.0.1, containing the bug fix was released.
2004-03-08: As of today, all software on this site is free.
2004-03-08: Calc It Converter 2.0 released. Complete rewrite in Java to allow more reliability and compatibility. Now free and open source.
2003-12-23: All bugs worked out of Calc It Converter and version 1.1 is being released.
2003-12-10: Calc It Converter released for beta testing. The official release to come once all bugs are found and worked out.
2003-09-09: Calc It Converter announced. Check back for more details.
2003-08-25: Calc It Calculator 1.0 released as Bell Software's first release.

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